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Raising llamas and Shetland sheep

Wunderful Pines Farm is a small fiber-focused family business in southern Michigan. We breed and raise our llamas with the goals of quality conformation and fine, dense fleeces. Our NASSA-registered Shetland sheep are bred for their gentle disposition and exceptionally fine fleece.

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Jessica first got involved with llamas through 4-H in 2001. Like many young girls, she wanted a horse. Instead, she purchased her first three llamas in 2002 and has had llamas ever since. College and veterinary school slowed Jessica's involvement with llamas for several years but, with the help of parents that like llamas more than they'll admit, she continued to maintain a small herd throughout her schooling. Jessica uses llamas for everything from breeding and showing, to packing and pleasure driving, to fiber production and public events.

Ben is a city kid who met a llama girl in college. Ben and Jessica became a couple in 2008, and Ben decided that the llama girl was worth the llama work. He is now a dedicated barn and pasture builder, poop shoveler, hay hauler, and occasional veterinary assistant.

Wunderful Pines Farm was established in 2017 when Jessica and Ben purchased their first property in west Michigan. The name Wunderful Pines is a nod to one of Jessica's original geldings, Wildflower's Wunderkint, and the plentiful red pines on that property. The farm has since moved to the Battle Creek area of Michigan.

Shetland sheep were added to the farm in 2020. The small size and friendly personality of Shetland Sheep, along with the fine fiber in 11 different natural colors, captured Jessica's attention as a handspinner.

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